About ISI

Hello Everyone! Hope you all are doing well. I am Ariana Alvarado, the lucky wife of Gerard and great mommy to 2 fabulous children. A hearty welcome to all of you who found time to visit my blog and I am delighted to have you in my little blog space. I hail from Boston originally but currently I reside in the beautiful city of Chicago. When I started with this blog I did not know where I was going or what I was getting into. It was just an inner urge to write about my experiences and then share it with the rest of the world. Before getting into the blog part, I would like to say that initially it was all about cost cutting in our day-to-day expenses and save a lot of money. It all started one day when I bought groceries online by using a promotional coupon code. I ran into this promotional coupon code accidentally while I was casually surfing online. I could still remember the experience as I saved more than $40 on that day. There are many such deals floating across the web world from different organizations and I started this blog to make sure all the deals are brought together at a single place. This helped a lot in price comparison and making the most out of my bucks. I buy shoes, dresses, vegetables, child care products (I do have a toddler to take care of) and many more household items using the coupon codes and saving deals. I always save all the purchases I make online as there is a high probability of claiming more bonuses of being a repeated customer. I do share all the saving deals, promotion codes, cheap sales of quality products, shopping guides in my blog so that people can easily get the information and save a lot of time and have more disposable money in hand. I am glad that you read till here. Please weigh in your comments, advice and about any cool stuff you find online. Just relax, shop cheap and enjoy my blog. Hope to see you again and just tune into my site for a shopping windfall of money savers!