Disaster Recovery For Business – how Secure And Accessible Is your Data

Disasters can strike businesses at any time, taking on a variety of unpredictable forms. The only sure thing is that every company will encounter some kind of disaster at some point in its history, which means that recovery planning and business continuity need to be taken very seriously indeed. In the digital age one of the most important resources for any business is data, because critical information will always be required in some form to ensure the smooth running and future growth of a firm regardless of its size or the industry within which it operates. Many businesses turn to data storage and back-up solutions in order to protect critical data from corruption during disasters such as fire, theft or flood. These solutions are designed to ensure that data can be restored quickly and easily once the recovery process is under way.

However, not all disaster recovery solutions are created equal, so you will want to make sure that your data are as secure and accessible as possible so that there are no issues with ensuring continuity within your company. Browse around this site to learn more.

Here is Chris Montgomery and Aaron Oliver, a senior network infrastructure engineer from ThrottleNet Inc., talking about backup and disaster recovery for businesses.

One way to approach this is to rely not on a single storage solution for your data back-ups, but to spread duplicates of your information across multiple data centers. The problem with putting all of your backed-up data in one place, even if it is remote from your main office, is that you still run the risk of having that location compromised in the event of a disaster. By distributing data across multiple data centers you will be reducing the risk of having a total loss scenario in which recovery of business-critical information is completely impossible.

Hedging your bets in this way will prove to be a valuable approach to continuity, because while a less comprehensive approach may be cheaper, the long-term ramifications of taking inadequate precautions can be far more financially troubling. It is not only statistically likely that your firm will encounter a disaster that results in data loss, but also probable that companies which have failed to implement a recovery plan of adequate resilience will end up going out of business within 12 months.

Outsourcing data storage and back-ups to third-party providers in remote data centers will also help when it comes to improving the security of your information and the ease with which you can access it. A data centers should place concerns such as security and resilience at the top of the agenda, since the sole purpose of such an installation is to provide its customers with constant access to information without allowing any undesirable forces to mount an incursion. As such, data security within a data centers should be of a calibre that individual businesses cannot reasonably be expected to attain on their own.

In addition, by placing data back-ups across various centers, it is possible to provide global access to the information via any device with an internet connection. This means that if your company has to change the location in which it operates, or if you need to share data with remote workers or colleagues overseas, you will be able to do so with ease.

Disaster recovery for business is a matter that needs a great deal of attention, particularly in the wake of the growing number of extreme climatic events, which are occurring across the globe due to climate change. Security and accessibility should give you peace of mind when entrusting business data to a storage provider and those who seek ultimate preparedness will store information across multiple sites to aid in the continuity efforts and also achieve the competitive edge.


Review for the new Norton Security 2017

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At present the antivirus software is compatible with multiple operating systems such as Microsoft Windows, Mac, iOS and Android devices, etc. The antivirus is made with latest state of the art technologies that a user would expect in an antivirus security suite.

The strong antivirus protection monitors files and programs for both known and un-known threats. The attacks on computers have increased many folds in past one decade hence the dependency on an effective and robust antivirus has increased. The latest edition of Norton Security 2017 scan the workstation for any suspicious behavior of any process or software. Also, the antivirus software helps in blocking malware before it can gain access to the user’s system. The firewall feature of the Norton security works effectively and provides protection against all cyber attacks┬ásilently blocking attacks from both within and outside the user’s personal computer.

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The web Safety feature performs a thorough check on the links that the user can access to decide whether they are they’re safe to visit. Also, when the files are downloaded the anti virus performs a check on the files that are checked for both security and reliability. The Norton Security also has features such as password manager, spam filter, bootable repair disc option, network monitor, form filler, startup program manager, performance-related tools and more. The brand new user interface is lightweight and it does not make the user’s computer slow and heavy.

Also, it is based on the Norton 360 interface that reflects all the important features of the antivirus software and also displays the overall status of the features involved in protecting the workstation and computer health. The user interface is also designed well and updated to blend in well with the new modern look of Windows 8. The Norton Security 2017 is known to have the most effective anti-malware engine feature that detects and removes both the existing and new malware threats. Also the state of the art feature of cloud network and storage protection has made this antivirus software the most sought after antivirus software. Boot time protection that has been developed and mastered by very few antivirus programs.

Norton antivirus program has an effective boot time scan feature that enables the user to scan the computer with all the files and folders and different file extensions. At boot time scan the user can easily either remove or heal the infected files in a secure environment. Also the antivirus software provides latest protection against the increasing social media attacks where the personal information of the users gets either stolen or compromised.

Like any other software application the antivirus software application also requires routine maintenance. If the tasks are not performed, then the antivirus software might develop technical problems. In order to avoid the same contact the Norton Customer Service Number and get help from the experienced professionals and enjoy un-interrupted protection against cyber attacks.

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