Coupon Use Keeps Growing in Spite of Smartphone Apps

.jpg” alt=”” />Many shopping gurus think that clipping coupons will soon be a thing of the past because coupons will be replaced by smartphone apps such as Grocery IQ. Their view is that these apps are more time-efficient and convenient.

In spite of that, recent statistics show that coupons are still very popular among distributors and consumers. In the case of Walmart, FSI pages increased by 16% and digital coupon events increased by 18% over the last year. This shows that consumers not only like digital coupons, they still like clipping coupons out of magazines and newspapers as well.

These shopping experts argue that one of the reasons why grocery chains want to keep coupons around is that coupons can be used as a trick to take your money; they say that they are sometimes used to encourage people to spend their money on things they don’t need.

Teri Goult, CEO of Grocery Game and shopping expert, disagrees with this view. She thinks that coupons are not meant to “trick people,” and that using them to save money is a great idea. According to her, coupons are not going to disappear any time soon. But she also believes that consumers should be careful, because there are times when using coupons actually can cost you extra.

The application of coupons should be timed carefully, according to Teri Goult. Using them on the wrong brand, at the wrong time, or at the wrong place, may cost you quite a bit; but that doesn’t mean that they are meant to trick people, or that they are still around only because that’s what big grocery chains want. As long as they are used properly, she says, coupons are a great tool and that’s why their use will continue to grow in the coming years in spite of all the new different smartphone apps that are being created.