Ordering Prescription Glasses Online

Wondering whether you can order prescription glasses online? Yes, this is possible and could save you a lot of money. Buying prescription glasses online is much cheaper compared to getting them from the high street. This is because when you buy on the streets, you are covering the costs of the sight equipment and the salaries that are needed to run the shops. Another reason for the cheap price is that these online vendors buy in bulk from the manufacturers and are thus discounted.

To place your order for the glasses, you will have to provide an updated prescription that is less than two years old or a year if you are above 70 years old. Lack of a prescription will call for an eye test which you will pay for.

The prescription will help to determine the sphere of the lens, whether it should correct long or short-sightedness. It will also be used in the determining of the pupillary distance. The pupillary distance is the horizontal distance between the pupils. It will also be used to tell if the lenses need to be positioned.

Ordering glasses online will provide you a chance to choose a variety of forms which is much more difficult to get in high streets. Gabbana Frames go for around $140, which is much cheaper compared to the high street. Most of the lenses that are offered are bifocals and Varifocals lenses.

When entering your prescription, you need to be careful not to make mistakes because a wrong prescription could result to wrong glasses. If this happens, you could be refunded or an exchange could be provided. However, this will increase the cost as you have to pay for postage. You also need to be cautious about the size of the frame, compare it with the one that you have to ensure that you order for the right size. After receiving them go to a high street optician to fit them for you.