The 3 top Estrogen foods to keep out of your diet

In this article, we are discussing high-estrogen foods that you must avoid and also estrogen-rich foods that can destroy your health and cause major hormonal issues. There are a lot of things that people are eating today that are disrupting their hormones causing estrogen to be high and they also cause progesterone to be low.

Some of the side effects of high-estrogen foods for men are that they have more feminine characteristics and for women that they have issues like hypothyroidism, autoimmune disease, chronic fatigue and even ovarian cancer. We are going to talk about the three major estrogen-based foods and products you absolutely want to avoid.

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#1 Soy-based foods

The first food that you want to avoid that contains way too much estrogen, or what we call xenoestrogen, is soy. We know that soy products today, especially processed soy, most of it is genetically modified. Soy foods and very high estrogen-based foods, whether this is going to be soy milk, soy protein powder or just regular soy beans, these are foods you definitely want to avoid.

Soy started being consumed in large amounts years ago because it was very popular in Okinawa, Japan but they consumed a different kind of soy. It was not then genetically modified soy that we consume today. It was a type of soy called natto, which is fermented soy beans. So, it was loaded with probiotics, vitamin K2. It did not have the same estrogen effects.

The reason why these estrogen foods are an issue is because they are called xenoestrogens. They increase estrogen in your body or they act like estrogen which again increases the risk of breast cancer and cervical cancer in women and it causes major testosterone issues, impotence and other health issues in men.

#2 Too much sugar

Too many sugar and carbohydrates can increase estrogen in your body and lower progesterone. So, eliminate the processed sugar. Get rid of grains in large amounts and if you are consuming large grains switch over to more fruits and vegetables.

If you have to eat grains go for sprouted grains which is a better option. But, you have to balance out these ratios by lowering your carb intake and increase your intake of healthy fats. Such a balance will further naturally balance out and decrease excess estrogen in your body.

#3 Stop eating conventional meat and dairy

May be the biggest offender of excess estrogen in your diet is consuming conventional meat and dairy products. In fact, a study has concluded that your average milk today contains 20 different chemicals and medications including growth hormones like RBGH, as well as estradiol and other hormone-based medications.

So, think about this: you go to your regular store, you pick up a gallon or milk. That milk contains 20 different chemicals and medications which will increase you estrogen. If you are shopping on a budget and you do not have a lot of money to spend, if you are going to invest in your health anywhere make sure it is on your meat.

That means that you should eat grass-fed organic meat and raw organic dairy products because if they are not organic, we know that they have steroids and estrogen in them. Steroids and estrogen are going to increase all the things that we have talked about in this article from cancer to autoimmune disease to other neurological issues.