Top 4 Irish Writers Equals to Top 4 Books You Must Read This Year

1. The Collected Short Stories. Author: Dermot Healy.

Publisher: Dalkive Archive Press.

Why it is a must read book of all time: Dermot Healy is popularly known for his innovative and labyrinthine short stories. His captivating stories are primarily set in isolated Irish villages and predominantly show a strong concern for the marginalized and dispossessed. Healy short stories collection serve as a wise read written by one of Ireland’s finest writers of recent decades.Best for: the vanguard of contemporary literature.

Release Date: Out now


2. A Slanting of the Sun: Stories

Author: Donal Ryan

Publisher: Transworld.

Why it is a must read book of all time: in the Slanting of the Sun Stories; Ryan embarks on a journey to evoke the sense of marginal and washed up existence of people living in a state of loneliness, segregation and displacement. It is a world of bust business, bad debts, fractured families and despised immigrants. His literature skill is brought out clearly through his command in language and mordant irony. Ryan’s literary prizes like the Guardian First Book Award do not come as a surprise. Best for: General readers

Release Date: Out now

Rating: 7/10

3. 1916, The Morning After

Author: Tim Pat Coogan

Publisher: Head of Zeus

Why it is a must read book of all time:this is a traumatic story that focuses on the aftermath of Ireland’s Easter Rising of 1916. This was a revolutionary period that featured the emergence of two states: One Orange and One Green. Best for: History fanatics.

Release Date: November 5

Rating: 7/10

4. The Long Gaze Back: An Anthology of Irish Women Writers

Edited by Sinead Glesson

Publisher: New Island.

Why it is a must read book of all time:the book features an anthropology of 30 short stories that coupled with 8 classic and 22 living Irish women writers. Compiled together, the works of these writers indicate an enrapturing and piercingly beautiful mosaic of a lively literary landscape.

Best for: Those looking for variety reading.

Release Date: Out now


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